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How it Works

Installation Zumm-tv Z1


Installation Zumm-tv Z1

UVCONN Z1 FactoryDataReset

Installation Zumm-tv Z1

Z1 Parental Control Settings

Features & Specs of Zummtv Z1

Features & Specs

Part 2  Features&Specs Of Zummtv Z1

Features & Specs Part 2

Server Settings ZummTv Z1

Server Settings

How To Install Z254


General Description

Add Favourite Channel List Z-254 ZummTV

How To change audio settings in ZummTV Z254 Box

How To Add Server in ZummTV Z254 Box

How to reset Z-254 Box

No Visual & Mode Setup Z-254

Refund policy zummtv

How Wifi Works

How to change time & date

RecordingQueries Zummtv Z-2

Why recording is not available for some channels

Why internet Work goods on videos But Not Ip-Tv?

Why internet Work goods on videos But Not Ip-Tv?

TV Guide & Catch up Programs Zummtv Z2

Parental Setting (Change Password)

date & time Settings In Z-254

Video on Demands Z2

Video on Demands Z2

Hdmi & A V Cable Zummtv

Hdmi & A V Cable Zummtv

Refund Policy ZummTV

Find what you want. Fast.

Search through the wide selection of Z1 android apps . download apps like youtube losmovies, popcorn time and manay many more...

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Easy To Set Up

Built In Wi-Fi

Thousand of channels to choose from

You choose what you want to watch and how much to spend.

Thousand of FREE channels.

Watch over 2000 Channels like sony, cnn, espn sports, aljazeera, ary digital

Android Apps

Download over 72 Android apps on Z1.

Sports Content

Download sports apps on z1 and watch over 300 free sport live channels.

Games on Z1

Over 50 + games on Z1 with air remote.

The largest kids content.

From disney to cartoon network from live channels to free movies , zumm tv provides you the largest kids content on zumm network